What We Do

We take pride in knowing that we can help make lives better by eliminating the stress of the Social Security Disability claims process and helping to obtain the financial benefits and health care that our clients deserve.

Here's why we should represent you:

  • Your disability claim with be handled by your personal case manager. You can always call with your questions.
  • We complete the applications, disability reports, appeals, and additional documentation necessary to win your social security disability claim.
  • All medical information & doctor statements will be collected and filed with the Social Security Administration
  • All deadlines for applications, appeals, and documentation will be handled promptly.
  • We scan all medical records and submit them electronically to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).
  • We will meet with you before the hearing to help you prepare your testimony and understand questions that the judge will ask you.
  • We prepare a legal brief which summarizes your medical history and addresses the legal issues of your claim making it easier for the judge to approve your benefits.
  • We know the right questions to ask at the hearing to emphasize the important facts of your claim.
  • You pay no fee until you have received your disability benefits. The fee is set by the Social Security Administration at 25% of back benefits only. No fees are taken from your monthly checks.

Call us at (800) 810 - 0888 for a free review of your case.

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